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Urban Dictionary: fish An acronym that means "FUCK IT, SHIT HAPPENS" Appropriate to say: 1. When something discouraging happens and it doesn't trouble you or bother you 2. when an inconvenience happens to you and it doesn't phase you or keep you down 3. you don’t care about when the outcome isn’t in your favor Urban Dictionary: poker donkey The poker donkey has replaced the poker fish. In the olden days of poker (before 1999) the bad players were called fish. Now a days they are called a donkey. A poker donkey is a bad player, or is he? A poker donkey is a gambler. Not just any old gambler though. The poker donkey will hit their gut shot straight, seven high flush, and miracle full-house after a fourth street flush. What does big fish mean? definition, meaning and ...

“Fish” is a term used in poker to label an opponent who consistently loses in the long-run.Having position on the fish means that we get to act last on each street of action. We get to see what our fish does before we have to act.

Although in lower limits term fish is oftenly used as an insult to a player that won with a hand that had less win possibility pre-flop, which is false. Basically, fish is a bad player, like Jblocher1 said. Definition of Fish - Poker King Definition of Fish. If you play poker, you don't want to known as a "fish". A fish is a player that likely does not have very much experience and is prone to losing pots. A fish will consistently make questionable and ill-advised plays, and will likely see their bankrolls shrink quickly while playing at a table with some very good players. Glossary of poker terms - Wikipedia Glossary of poker terms. A method of discouraging players from taking an excessively long time to act. When someone calls the clock, the player has a set amount of time in which to make up their mind; if they fail to do so, their hand is immediately declared dead. In tournament play, any player can call a clock.

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Poker Terms Explained | Pokerology.com This is the current term for a pigeon, a sucker or a fish. Double Belly Buster – This is a hand with two inside straight draws. As an example, 79TJK can become a straight with either an 8 or a queen. How To Spot a Fish at The Poker Table | partypoker

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Jan 15, 2019 ... At some point in your poker journey you will hear the phrase “tight is right”. ... free poker videos range from really solid players to results-oriented players to fish to ultra-nits. ... And due to this fact – it means if it folds to you in MP there is a 90% chance you fold your hand. .... Terms Of Service · Privacy Policy.

Hi guys, in this thread I wanna discuss about "fish", what does it exactly mean? If "fish" means someone who played with bad starting hand, Definition of Fish - Poker King What is a fish in poker? What does the term fish mean when it comes to the game of poker? Glossary of poker terms - Wikipedia The following is a glossary of poker terms used in the card ... Most house rules treat a boxed card as if it does not ... Used in poker to mean profitability in ... Poker King Dictionary Entries - Bonus Codes | Poker News

Top 5 Skills That Separate Poker Sharks from Poker Fish ... Emotional Control. Professional players have an understand the game. They don't let bad beats get to them - thats just part of the job. What happens in one hand is of little meaning - they know poker is a long-term battle. Pros also understand that money is just the tool of a poker player. Not sweating the bad hands,... Become a Poker Shark - Learn2Holdem Online Poker Fish & Sharks. In the same vein, some of the most often encountered poker terms are fish and shark. Ironically, they have opposite meaning even though a shark is a fish in the animal kingdom. To say the least, a shark is indeed such a special kind of fish that it is a category in itself. What does sea poker mean? - Definitions.net Definition of sea poker in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of sea poker. What does sea poker mean? Information and translations of sea poker in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. SeriousPoker.com - Dan's Poker Dictionary